SCP Newsletter December 2016

Published on 07/08/2017, by in News.

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Shanti_Children Project_Newsletter_Dec_2016


SCP Newsletter November 2015

Published on 22/05/2016, by in News.

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Shanti_Children Project_Newsletter_Nov_2015



SCP Newsletter November 2014

Published on 18/11/2014, by in News.

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inside our November 2014 Newsletter…

Read about our meeting with Chandra “the Nurse at work”, new Nurse Kogila, Sindu and her sucess in school Sports, Other students and their progress in education, Yoga classes with Upahar and Veena, summer computer classes, Summer vacations and several celebrations, etc.,


SCP Newsletter October 2013

Published on 01/11/2013, by in News.

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Our Success stories inside our October 2013 Newsletter…

Read about our new going to be doctor, Gnanaprakasam, The free medical camp we had for the children (arranged by the Nurse from our project Chandra and her husband Mathi), Our summer trips to Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram with the kids, The Photography classes that our kids had with Caroline and the lovely exhibition that followed,….

SCP Newsletter March 2012

Published on 16/03/2012, by in News.

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One Success story inside our March 2012 Newsletter…

Chandra has completed her studies and internship which lasted 6 months. Since 10th Feb 2012, she is working as a Nurse in a private hospital in Chennai. We congratulate Chandra on this wonderful accomplishment!

Success story - March 2012 Chandra

MOVING PLANET: Climate Change Awareness Cycle Rally & Programs

Published on 28/09/2011, by in News.

This September 24th 2011 we were participating in a global event of 350 day along with Iyarkai, a charity network for mother earth. As a part of this program we went around(14 KM) the mountain of Arunachala in bicycles with more than 200 school children and volunteers from all around the world. Our town Assistant Commissioner of Police came and started the rally which had many other programs along as like  Dramas by kids on climate change, Poem reading, Singing and so on.  It was a successful event and we are very happy to have done and been part of this program which brings the awareness of saving mother Earth.

The News Sunday Express Chennai 25th September 2011

Published on 27/09/2011, by in News.

The News Sunday Express

SCP Newsletter August 2011

Published on 16/08/2011, by in News.

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One story from our August 2011 Newsletter – Art classes with Caroline.

At our tuition, some times we have intensive art classes with Caroline, the children learn to use scissors, paint, brushes, water color, reusable, waste material to create something nice, we are happy to have Caroline helping us with the art classes. We have nice paintings from our children, we are thinking of making greeting cards from them. Or even sell them at some event.

SCP Newsletter - August 2011 Art Classes

SCP Newsletter January 2011

Published on 16/01/2011, by in News.

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 One story from our January 2011 Newsletter: Arunachala Children’s Walk

On 10/10/10, Shanti Children Project organized a massive walk consisting of 1,200 children from different schools and organizations, to encourage awareness of climate change and the environment. Participating children were above the age of eleven, they painted their faces and carried banners with environmental slogans that they had written themselves. Along the way, they sung and performed simple skits of environmental protection. One example is of tribal people who were protecting a tree from being cut down by developers. The children showed much enthusiasm when it came to learning about nature, global warming, and the planet. The walk represents a joyful celebration for the children, as it signifies that they are taking a stand for their future, and for the future of our earth.

For more information and colorful photos please visit: https://arunachalachildrenswalk1010.wordpress.com/

SCP Newsletter May 2010

Published on 19/05/2010, by in News.

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One Success story inside our May 2010 Newsletter…

Sathya has finished her College of Nursing Diploma in June 2009 and now she is working as a nurse in the KOVAI MEDICAL CENTER & HOSPITAL at Coimbatore. Congratulation!

SCP Newsletter - May 2010 Sathya